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Tim Allen

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Tim Allen (Born Timothy Allen Dick) is an actor and comedian best known for playing Tim Taylor (The Tool Man) on the "Home Improvement" TV series from 1991 to 1999, and later playing Mike Baxter on the ABC sitcom, “Last Man Standing” from 2011 to present.

Tim was born in Denver Colorado in 1953. When he was 11 years old, Tim’s father took the family to a University of Colorado football game. While driving home after the game, their car was hit head on by a drunk driver. Tim's father, Gerald Dick, died in the crash.

After his father's death, his mother Kathleen, eventually remarried, and the family with Tim’s many siblings and step siblings relocated to Birmingham, Michigan.

In high school his best subject was shop, and in college at Western Michigan University, Tim graduated with a degree in Television Production in 1975. Both subjects most likely proved valuable to him in his career later on in life.

After being a little lost for a couple of years after college, Tim eventually found himself trying his hand at comedy at the Comedy Castle in Detroit. He followed that with several cable specials, including, "Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen" (1988) and "Tim Allen: Men Are Pigs" (1990).

In 1991, Tim landed his own television series on ABC called "Home Improvement" which ran throughout most of the 1990s as well as staring in several successful movies including; "The Santa Clause" (1994), "Toy Story" (1995), :Toy Story 2" (1999) and "Galaxy Quest" (1999).

Since 2011, Tim Allen has starred in 0ver 150 episodes of his TV series, "Last Man Standing" while acting, directing, or voicing over a dozen film and TV animation projects, as well as many  TV guest performances on other programs.

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