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Sofia Vergara

Celebrity Photos | S | Sofia Vergara

Modern Family actress and model Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is an accomplished actress best known for playing Gloria Ramírez-Pritchett on "Modern Family". She is a Columbian-American actress also known for her work on film and the spanish language television network "Univision".

Britney Spears

B | Britney Spears | Celebrity Photos

Singer - Songwriter Brittany Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Singer and Songwriter Britney Spears is on Jive Records and is best known for her #1 single "Baby One More Time". Britney has recorded 9 studio albums and 42 singles to date.

Rita Wilson

Celebrity Photos | R | Rita Wilson

Actress Rita Wilson
Actress Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson, is an actress, singer, songwriter, and producer. Rita is best known for "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2", "Sleepless in Seattle", and "Jingle all the Way". She is married to actor Tom Hanks and is stepmom to actor Colin Hanks.

Kate Hudson

Celebrity Photos | K | Kate Hudson

American actress, author and fashion designer Kate Hudson
Actress Kate Hudson

Actress and fashion designer Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes 2018. Kate won a Golden Globe Award for her performance in "Almost Famous" and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Bryan Fuller

B | Bryan Fuller | Celebrity Photos

Television writer and producer Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller

American television writer and producer Bryan Fuller at the 2017 HBO Outfest. Bryan has created a number of television series, including "Dead Like Me", "Wonderfalls", "Hannibal", and "Pushing Daisies" among others.

Jonathan Tucker

Celebrity Photos | J | Jonathon Tucker

Actor Jonathon Tucker
Jonathan Tucker

Actor Jonathan Tucker known for the FX series "Snowfall" and dozens of films and other TV series at the 2017 HBO Outfest. Jonathan is also known for the films "The Virgin Suicides", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Hostage", "In the Valley of Elah", and "The Ruins".

Kristin Chenoweth

Celebrity Photos | K | Kristin Chenweth | Uncategorized

Actress Kristin Chenoweth
Kristen Chenoweth

American actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth known for musical theatre, film and television talked to TwinZZone at the 2017 HBO Outfest. During Kristen Chenoweth's career, she has had with roles in musicals and plays on and off-Broadway, many television shows, multiple movies and television.

Angela Basset

A | Angela Bassett | Celebrity Photos

Actress and activist Angela Basset
Angela Bassett

Angela Basset at the Bodyguard Premiere. Angela is best known for playing Tina Turner in the biopic "What's Love Got to Do with It", as well as "American Horror Story" and "Black Panther".

Yvette Nicole Brown

Celebrity Photos | Y | Yvette Nicole Brown

Actress and Comedian Yvette Nicole Brown
Yvette Nicole Brown

Actress, voice-over actress, and comedian, Yvette Nicole Brown at the Bodyguard Premiere. Yvette is known for "Community", "Lady and the Tramp", "Repo Men", and "500 Days of Summer" among other films, TV shows, and TV Commercials.

Deborah Cox

Celebrity Photos | D | Deborah Cox

Singer - Songwriter Deborah Cox
Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox at the Bodyguard Premiere. Deborah Cox is a ‎R&B‎; ‎dance‎; ‎soul‎; ‎jazz‎; ‎hip hop soul singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer.

Trisha Yearwood

Celebrity Photos | T | Trisha Yearwood

Singer Trisha Yearwood
Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood at the 44th annual Daytime Emmy awards 2017. She is an American country music singer, author, and actress and is a member of Grand Ole Opry. Her first single, "She's in Love with the Boy" went #1 and was followed by 8 more top ten singles.

George Lopez

Celebrity Photos | G | George Lopez

Actor - Comedian George Lopez
George Lopez

George Edward Lopez is an American actor and comedian of Mexican-American heritage known for starring in his self-produced ABC sitcom George Lopez.

Actor George Lopez was born in Mission Hills, Los Angeles, California. Deserted by his parents he was raised by his maternal grandmother and step-grandfather. George graduated from San Fernando High School, in 1979. He is best known for starring in his self-produced ABC sitcom "George Lopez".  His stand-up comedy examines race and ethnic relations, including Mexican American culture. George Lopez has received several honors for his work and contributions to the Latino community, including the 2003 Imagen Vision Award, the 2003 Latino Spirit Award for Excellence in Television and the National Hispanic Media Coalition Impact Award.He was named one of "The Top 25 Hispanics in America" by Time magazine in 2005. In January 2009, Lopez appeared in "We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial". He is a two-time host of the "Latin Grammy Awards",  and a co-host of the "Emmy Awards".

George Lopez heads his own charity The George Lopez Foundation.

Andy Garcia

A | Andy Garcia | Celebrity Photos

Actor Andy García
Andy Garcia

Actor Andy Garcia is Famous for many notable roles in film including; "The Godfather III", When a Man Loves a Woman, "The Untouchables", and "Internal Affairs".

Cedric - The Entertainer!

C | Cedric - The Entertainer | Celebrity Photos

Actor Cedrick the Entertainer
Cedric the Entertainer

Actor, comedian, and game show host Cedric the Entertainer recently appeared in the film "The Neighborhood" and has hosted or appeared on dozens of TV shows including; "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", Black Entertainment Television's "Comic View" (BET), "Def Comedy Jam", and "Kings of Comedy" among others.

Sugar Ray Leonard

Celebrity Photos | R | S | Sugar Ray Leonard

Professional Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard
Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard is a legendary former professional boxer, public speaker, and actor. Sugar Ray won a gold medal in boxing at the 1976 Olympic games, three National Golden Gloves titles, two Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) championships and the 1975 Pan-American Games crown. He was in the film film “The Fighter” and was a consultant on the hit film starring, Hugh Jackman “Real Steel.”

Garcelle Beauvais

Celebrity Photos | G | Garcelle Beauvais

Actress and Fashion Model Garcelle Beauvais
Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais was named one of People Magazine's highly-coveted 50 Most Beautiful in 2014. Garcelle is best known for playing Francesca "Fancy" Monroe on the "Jamie Foxx Show", and Valerie Heywood on "NYPD Blue" She appeared in the hit films "Spider-Man Homecoming", "White House Down", and "Coming to America".

Jacob Young

Celebrity Photos | J | Jacob Young

Actor - Singer Jacob Young
Jacob Young of The Bold and The Beautiful

Jacob Young is an actor and singer who is currently playing the role of Rick Forrester on "The Bold and the Beautiful". TwinZZone caught up with him at the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2017. He is also known for his role as J.R. Chandler on the daytime soap opera "All My Children" and once played Lucky Spencer on ABC's "General Hospital".

Margaret Cho

Celebrity Photos | M | Margaret Cho

Stand-up comedian, actress, singer, Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is a stand-up comedian, actress, fashion designer, author, and singer-songwriter who is known for her stand-up comedy routines, where she critiques social and political problems, racial and sexuality issues. She has appeared on "Dancing With The Stars".

Mary Hart

Celebrity Photos | M | Mary Hart

Mary Hart TV Personality
Mary Hart

Mary Hart is a television personality who is known as the host of the syndicated gossip and entertainment series "Entertainment Tonight". She is a former Miss South Dakota and was a semi-finalist in the Miss America contest in 1971.

Gladys Knight

Celebrity Photos | G | Gladys Knight

Singer Gladys Knight
Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight is a singer, songwriter, actress, with an enviable discography of hit records. Gladys Knight
has enjoyed an amazing career lasting over fifty years. She is a seven-time Grammy winner including several #1 hits in Pop, Gospel, R&B and Adult Contemporary genres, and made he mark in film, television and live performances.

Dr. Oz

Celebrity Photos | D | Dr. Oz

TV Personality - Surgeon Dr. Oz
Dr Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a medical doctor, surgeon, author and television personality. TwinZZone caught up with him at the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2017. Dr. Oz became famous from his appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show", and "Larry King Live". Dr. Oz now has his own "The Dr. Oz Show", on daytime television where he discusses health and medical issues.

Kathy Bates

Celebrity Photos | K | Kathy Bates

Actress Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates

From "Misery" to "American Horror Story" Kathy Bates is truly one of our Favorite Actresses. Kathy Bates is most famous for her roles in "Misery", for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. She was also in "American Horror Story", and "Titanic", and many, many, others.

Colton Haynes

C | Celebrity Photos | Colton Haynes

Actor Colton Haynes

Actor, singer, and model Colton Haynes: We are big Fans of Colton from his appearances in "Teen Wolf" and as Roy Harper in the CW series "Arrow". He was the nicest guy and so down to earth.

Cyndi Lauper

C | Celebrity Photos | Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper

We caught up with Cyndi Lauper in Oct 2016 at her Charity event "Damn Gala True Colors Fund". This girl is still having fun while enjoying her more than 33 year career as a hit singer, musician, songwriter and film and TV actress which has netted her over 70 million sales of albums, CD singles, and DVDs. Cyndi has won more awards than we can mention here but they include; Grammy Awards, Toni Awards, MTV Video Awards, and many others. She wrote the score for the Broadway Play, "Kinky Boots" that was nominated for 13 Toni Awards, and won 6 of them, making it the top winner of 2013., Cyndy Personally won Outstanding New Score, Outstanding New Score, and Best Original Score for her work on Kinky Boots.

Dolly Parton at the ACM Awards 2016

Celebrity Photos | D | Dolly Parton

Singer - Actress Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton ACM Awards

We have met the amazing Dolly Parton several times and we can truly say she has never looked Better! Dolly Parton is a country singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actress, author, who operates her own theme park Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, situated in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Ian Somerhalder

Celebrity Photos | I | Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder from the "Vampire Diaries" works out at our Gym. Who Knew, and what a great guy. Ian is an actor, model and director. He played Boone Carlyle in the TV show "Lost" and Damon Salvatore in "The Vampire Diaries".

Kathy Griffin

Celebrity Photos | K | Kathy Griffin

Comedian Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin

We had so Much fun Interviewing Kathy. She is truly one of the funniest ladies in Hollywood. Comedian and actress Kathy Griffin is the star of many comedy specials at - Ageism Event 2016. Kathy is a Two-time Emmy and Grammy award-winning comedian. She breaks through the entertainment clutter with her brand of pull-no-punches comedy. Kathy has managed to keep a head of herself while becoming a powerful figure in comedy with her unfiltered, unafraid, and outrageous take on Hollywood.

Molly Shannon

Celebrity Photos | M | Molly Shannon

Actress Molly Shannon
Molly Shannon

Molly Shannon from Saturday Night Live to SuperStar. Meeting Molly at the 2016 Golden Globes was Amazing! Molly Shannon is an actress appearing on "Saturday Night Live" for several years. She is a winner of the Film Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actress for "Other People".

Kristin Wiig

Celebrity Photos | K | Kristin Wiig

Comedian Kristen Wiig From "Saturday Night Live"
Kristen Wiig

From "Saturday Night Live" Royalty to "Bridesmaids" meeting actress, comedian, producer, and writer Kristen Wiig was one of the highlights of the Golden Globes 2016.

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